Pitbull Poodle Mix

A Pitbull Poodle Mix as a Safer Alternative to Pure Pitbulls?

Is a pitbull poodle mix a safer alternative to owning a pure pitbull? Many people choose to own mixed breed dogs and many different mixes are available. The pitbull poodle mix is relatively new and may be referred to as a ‘pitoodle’, a ‘bullpoo’, a ‘piddle or even a ‘pitpoo’. Regardless of the name, many people debate whether mixing a pitbull with any breed is a safer alternative to owing a pure pit.

Many dog owners today are choosing to purchase mixed breed dogs. Purebred animals are often created from poor breeding standards and over breeding. This results in animals with health and mental problems. By mixing specific purebreds with distinctive qualities that people are searching for, a mix dog breeder can create a dog with positive attributes while allowing the bloodline to have more variety included in the animal’s genes. This can have many positive affects for the animal itself as well as for breeds of dogs as a whole. This mixing of dog breeds creates animals that are often referred to as ‘designer dogs’. Unless you are a specific trainer or dog show handler, a purebred dog may not be necessary to you. A mixed breed dog will most likely be healthier overall. The pitbull poodle mix may be an excellent example of this. Each breed and specific animal is different however. In some cases, mixing breeds can be beneficial but in other cases it may be harmful to the offspring.

Poodles are loving and energetic dogs that were originally designed as water hunting dogs. They have loving personalities and are quick learners. The standard poodle is the largest of the poodle types, and is the most common type to be bred with other larger dogs like pitbulls. Pitbulls are bred to be extremely strong, loyal and tenacious. This is why the breed has become so popular in illegal and immoral dog fighting. Pitbulls can make great and loving family dogs with the proper socializing and training regimen. The biggest problem with the pitbull type of dog is the completely uncontrolled breeding that takes place. The breed’s standards are almost completely invisible outside of the show dog circuit.

The second major problem relating to pitbulls involves improper human care and training. They require a different form of training than other types of dogs and plenty of socialization at a young age to develop a healthy relationship with humans. Many people avoid this socialization step during puppyhood in order to improve the protection value of the dog. In turn the dog becomes aggressive toward people, especially strangers. Training a pitbull breed requires a firm hand and a handler in charge of the dog. Strong leadership during training is necessary but aggressive or abusive techniques must be avoided with this type of dog. Creating an aggressive or fearful response to humans is what causes pitbulls be so dangerous. Added to the fact that these dogs are so strong and tough, without proper training and socialization they can become very dangerous.

A pitbull poodle mix can be an excellent choice for certain people. These offspring may retain the training techniques required by pitbulls however. Mixing the two breeds may lessen this risk as poodles are usually easily trained. It is hard to determine the traits of mixed offspring in dogs. Much depends on the traits of the parents and the bloodlines of each dog.

Mixing a pitbull with any other breed may not solve the problem. In many cases pitbull mixes are listed under the same dangerous category as pitbulls. In certain states or counties it may be illegal to own a pitbull even if it is mixed and getting homeowner insurance may still be hard.