Pitbull Labrador

Facts about the Hybrid Pitbull Labrador

The hybrid dog variety called “pitbull Labrador” can be a confusing one; mainly because of the pitbull side of the mix.  Although many people don’t know this fact, a pitbull is not an actual breed by that name.  A dog called pitbull can be any one of three different breeds, each with different temperaments that could affect the offspring of a hybrid mix.

Hybrid dogs are the products of two different pure blood breeds.  They differ from so called “mutts” in that hybrids are specifically and carefully bred to become a new variety, while “mutts” are the product of incidental mating of two dogs, of which at least one is of mixed blood.  Hybrids are also often called designer dogs.  Regardless of what they are called, it is important to realize that a mix between two different purebred dogs is not a recognized breed.  Because of the popularity of designer dogs, numerous breeders have emerged to meet the demand from prospective pet owners. Unfortunately, not all of these breeders are in the business with an interest in producing healthy puppies but rather focus on the ability to capitalize on the demand and making money.  When combining breeds, these breeders may not be scrupulous in choosing those which would make the most compatible of matches.


In the case when the hybrid mix involves a pitbull, it is important to determine to which lineage the dog belongs.  There are several breeds that have been coined as “pitbulls”.  A bull terrier is a dog that was specifically designed many years ago by breeding bulldogs and terriers to be used as a sporting class of dog.  Their stocky build gives many people the impression that the dog is unfriendly, but actually the opposite is true.  Fun loving, sweet and amiable temperaments are characteristic dispositions of the bull terrier.  The American Staffordshire Terrier is yet another breed that is termed “pitbull”.  While this breed has a friendly disposition within its family circle, they are also fiercely protective of their humans and will respond to any perceived threat.  A third breed known as pitbull is the American Pit Bull Terrier, a dog that was developed for fighting other canines.  They are naturally aggressive, although this feature is generally displayed toward animals.  If not properly trained, this powerful breed can exhibit aggressive behaviors.


The type of breed that is matched with a pitbull for the purpose of producing a hybrid dog must be carefully researched.  The type of temperament is key for any designer match, but even more so when the possibility that a potentially aggressive breed such as a Staffordshire or pit bull terrier exists.  Labrador retrievers have been perceived as a good match due to their affable and easy going nature.  There are several considerations when contemplating a pitbull Labrador match.  Both breeds are sporting class dogs, and both are medium sized.  Each of them is family oriented, with great loyalty exhibited to their humans.   They are also both easily trainable, and often used in law enforcement activities such as tracking.  With the proper breeding and training, this hybrid can be a friendly and loyal dog.  The probability of the even temperament of the Lab softening the overprotective tendencies of the American Staffordshire terrier is a good one.

When choosing this hybrid mix as a pet, it is important to know the actual lineage of the dog.  Choosing a reputable breeder that readily provides proof of ancestry is the first step.  Following through with obedience training and adequate socializing of your new puppy will ensure that it will learn good behavioral habits that will make the pitbull Labrador mix a great pet.