Pitbull Food

Only the Best in Pitbull Food

On a quest for the best in Pitbull food, many new puppy owners want to know what brand they should buy.  The choices are endless so what do you do?  How do you know which one is right, and which one is wrong? The next question most Pit bull owners ask is “What flavor do I buy?”  In the end does it really matter? Certainly as a dog owner in previous years, I can tell you they seem to eat just about anything, but when it comes to the Pit bull they should have very specific recommendations for diet.

The best Pitbull food for puppies is usually dry food because they are in the process of developing their digestive system just as we did from the time we were born.  You can find dry dog food at the grocery store, but your local pet store will have more brands and varieties to offer.  You might try lamb and rice or even plain beef flavors.  If your Pit bull puppy doesn’t take to the food you offer right away you can try a different approach.  You can make your own Pit bull food at home by browning some lean ground beef, or you can take rice and blend it with the ground beef in a food processor to keep it soft and easy to digest.

According to Jason Mann from pitbullovers.com, he says that an all natural raw diet isn’t a bad idea.  He puts what he is saying into easy terms.  His idea was to get people thinking about how we eat and why we choose the foods we do, and if we consider giving our Pit bull less than the best we are saying what they eat isn’t important.  While he isn’t against giving dry dog food now and then, his dogs get only the best.  Jason Mann says that Pit bull food in terms of diet would consist mainly of these three things:  meats, bones and vegetables to simulate that of the prey they would eat.


Mann also points out that, hundreds of years ago these dogs were doing just fine with what they had to survive on without our synthetic creations.  So, his point overall is why add all the synthetic colors and additives to their food?  Mann also does a great job of providing a sample raw food diet which consists of anything from raw eggs with shell to powdered vitamin C.  There are a few things on the list I just didn’t think a dog would be able to digest, but he suggests these mainly for Pit bulls while identifying that every Pit bulls likes and dislikes will still be different.

When talking with the trainers here at a local Pet Smart, they said that most Pit bull owners prefer a premium brand dog food, which means a little bit of a higher price. However, when looking for the best in Pit bull food, those brands are what you want.  The brands they suggest for Pit bulls are Evo, Castor and Pulloc, Hill’s Science Diet, Nutro Natural Choice, Natural Balance, Wellness and Solid Gold.  Some of these I have not heard of before, and when I asked them why he simply stated that most other brands are using beef by-products.  The other key to choosing great Pit bull food is becoming a label reader just as you would for anything you buy for yourself.  The trainer said that if your first few ingredients are meat or some type of poultry, they really don’t define what that is.  Really, it could be anything so make sure that the remaining ingredients are definitely protein based.  Protein is really important when these guys are puppies, so that they can grow strong and have healthy teeth and bones.  In reality, raising and caring for your Pit bull is much like you would your own children.  You don’t want to cut any corners with your pet, so they too have less health problems.