Pitbull Collars

Tips for Choosing the Best Pitbull Collars

Given the fact that the Pitbull is such a strong dog, you need the right pitbull collars when you have this breed on a leash, otherwise these dogs can have a lot of difficulty with leashes. Some of the problems you may encounter with this breed when it comes to leashes include the dog moving ahead and pulling on the leash, as well as falling behind. This breed is easily distracted and excitable so leash training won’t be easy, though it can be done.

One of the reasons why you need special Pitbull collars is because of the physical makeup of these dogs. This breed has a lot of strength in their neck and chest, which also happens to be the area that a dog will use to pull a leash. With these things combined, controlling a Pitbull while on a leash is anything but easy, without the right collar and training.

With a standard collar, the Pitbull is in danger of being choked because of the way it fits around the neck, and the dog’s tendency to pull. Although you can try using a harness around the chest, this won’t stop the dog from pulling because he or she cannot feel the resistance when they try to pull away. If you are trying to train your dog with a leash, the standard collar and harness won’t help you much.

The best Pitbull collars are the types that are known as gentle leader collars. This type of collar actually fits around the base of the head and the nose. If you want to be sure that your dog won’t get away, you can clip this collar to a standard collar, before attaching it to the leash. When you do this you get extra protection to ensure that dog doesn’t slip out of the device, but you don’t have the same issues with the dog pulling away from you.

Pitbull collars like this will help correct your pet’s behavior through the nose and head, instead of the neck. When using this leash all that is necessary to correct the dog’s behavior is to pull on the leash as the dog is trying to pull away. This will pull at the nose and dogs don’t like this at all so they will follow the leash.

When you first begin using Pitbull collars you will likely have to start in stages. At first it might be difficult to get the device on your dog so you will have to do something to distract him or her while placing it in the proper position. Put this collar on your dog a few times a day for a while, before you start using it for leash training. This way your Pitbull will become accustomed to it slowly and give you less resistance.

The best time to begin training your dog is when he is a puppy, at about 7 weeks old. At this age dogs are more energetic, plus they will be paying more attention to you as their teacher. In the beginning you don’t have to be so harsh with your training sessions, allow the dog a small amount of freedom to explore. What you will want to be teaching your dog at first, is that he should stay with you, as well as how to come to you when you call his name.

When you do start the serious leash training, use one of the pitbull collars and begin the training sessions in your backyard. Once the dog is handling the leash well, you can then start taking him on longer walks.

Training with pitbull collars is a lot easier on you, and your dog.