Pitbull Bloodlines

Things You May Not Know About Pitbull Bloodlines

There are an astonishing number of pitbull bloodlines due to constant breeding and those that are always trying to improve on specific characteristics.  The term Pit Bull actually describes many dog breeds but it is incorrect to use the term to refer to the American Bulldogs, Bull Mastiff and Bull Terrier.  These breeds do have similar qualities which makes it easy for people to accidentally include them when referring to pitbull bloodlines.

The traditional American Pit Bull Terrier comes to homes as a descendent from working dogs who were brought from England, Ireland and Scotland to the United States through shipping ports.  The original working dogs were specifically and carefully bred to create a taller and stronger breed.  These new Pit Bull bloodlines that were designed were more suited for hunting and protection.

The United Kennel Club became developed by people that had an appreciation for the American Pit Bull.  They wanted to establish records and Pit Bull bloodlines of dogs that were born in the United States.  After exclusively registering American Pit Bulls for many years, eventually the United Kennel Club decided to admit other dog breeds resulting in the development of the popular American Dog Breeders Association.

Colby Pit Bull Bloodlines

Some of the most popular American Pit Bull Terriers were created by John P. Colby who happened to be only 13 years old when he owned his very first Pit bull back in 1888.  Louis B. Colby, his son, decided to follow in his father's footsteps by creating the well known Colby Pit Bull bloodlines.  These Colby dogs have remained the most popular of the breed for over a century and are considered to be the purest Pit Bulls worldwide.

The lineage of these dogs is traceable to Ireland and England.  Mr. Colby bred only the very finest dogs and he helped with the establishment of the respected Staffordshire Club of America which was created to preserve his beloved Pit Bull breed.

Other Famous Pit Bull Bloodlines

There are a few other famous American Pit Bull breeders who have created some other top Pit Bull bloodlines including Maurice Carver, Floyd Bourdreaux and Don Mayfield.  These bloodlines are all referred to by the breeder's last name.  Also, Carlos Barksdale and Dave Wilson were the two responsible for the powerful Blue bloodlines called Razors Edge.  The American Dog Breeders Associations first registered a Razors Edge who came from Zeus and Jinx, Mayfield's bloodline dogs.

Old Red Nose Pit Bull bloodlines are also commonly known for their determination and agility while the Carver dogs are said to be by far the most powerful.

Although the breed was known for the, now banned, Bull Baiting, they are remarkable dogs.  They can be just as gentle around children and other pets as any other breed.  Pit Bulls continue to receive a ton of negative publicity due to irresponsible owners.  The breed itself should not be blamed but those that are responsible for negative events.

The Pit Bull was essentially the most trusted dogs and even in England where the dog is now banned, it was considered the safest breed to have around children.  There are technically three groups of people to blame for the negative publicity on Pit Bull bloodlines.  One is the greedy breeders that over breed their dogs which results in much higher levels of aggression.  These are the breeders that are only in it for the money and care nothing about the dogs themselves.  The second is poor quality owners who encourage aggressive behavior and the third is the media who jumps on the chance to report any issues, blaming the dogs instead of the actual root of the problem.  The dogs are not the issue, they are not born aggressive but merely created to become the ideal image of what foolish people think is powerful.