Colby Pitbulls

What You May Not Know About Colby Pitbulls

Every once in a while, you may hear the term “Colby pitbulls” thrown around with an emphasis similar to what you might associate with a diamond or other precious item. So, what’s the big deal about a Colby pitbull and what exactly does the term mean?

"Colby pitbulls" are not a specific breed of pitbull, but rather to a specific bloodline within the pitbull breed. You may scoff, but true canine enthusiasts view the world of dog pedigrees similar to the portrayal of the European aristocracy during the 1700 – 1800’s.

Imagine an 18th century duke on the marriage market of his time. Titled women of all ages would have designs on securing his hand (or his title, rather) because it’s one of the oldest and probably purest in the country. Noblemen and women very rarely married outside of their elevated status in society. That’s kind of what’s it’s like for breeders in the canine pedigree industry. Good breeders want to secure the best sire or dam for their “purebred” dog to breed with. This means finding a dog with a long, long line of ancestors whose blood was not tainted by that of another breed’s.

The guidelines are pretty strict with breeding pure-bred dogs, but what is it about Colby pitbulls that makes them so very coveted as breeding stock? The simple fact is that Colby’s pitbulls are not merely breeding stock. The Colby family is renowned for having a true love for the pitbull breed rather than a preference for making a quick buck. Unfortunately, there are many breeding “farms” where dogs are treated more like purebred puppy-making machines rather than as living and feeling beings.

The Colby family has a genuine respect for the necessity of balance that dog breeding should produce. A good balance of


agility, and

overall physical structure

of this breed of dog has been thoroughly maintained throughout Colby litters.

The Colby family not only has a very solid reputation of breeding for well-balanced pups, but they breed from one of the oldest and purest pitbull bloodlines in existence today.

It all started in 1889 when John P. Colby started breeding dogs that had been brought over from the United Kingdom. During the Great Depression, when the American Pitbull breed was first added to the American Kennel Club (AKC) register, it was one of Colby’s dogs that was used as a basis of standard for the entire breed.

Old blood and family ties aren’t all there is to it, though. Many people are unaware of the affect that improper breeding can have on a dog’s temperament. You’ve probably heard all the gory stories of people being ripped to bits by pitbulls. In fact, I still hear remarks today about how pitbulls are one of the breeds most likely to “turn on its owner”. Some people are able to see through these incidents and still recognize the pitbull for its original, true nature, but others are stuck on the notion that pitbulls are naturally vicious.

Dog fights have been popular events throughout history, and unfortunately, still are today despite the illegality of it.

In dog fighting, dogs are abused, starved, and otherwise mistreated to bring them into a state of lethal aggression. When two dogs are pitted against one another, it’s a fight to the death. The profit in this comes from betting on which dog will survive. Unfortunately, the sheer power and agility of the pitbull breed made them an easy target for dog fighters.

Eventually people began to over-breed pitbulls specifically to produce pups with an aggressive temperament. This over-breeding occurred in a number of bloodlines and is why, even today, there are still pitbulls that don’t share the fun-loving and loyal nature of their original counterpart. It’s so hard to be 100% sure what is in a dog’s bloodlines without the document proof detailing the dog’s ancestry.

The original line of Colby pitbulls were never bred for aggressive temperaments, nor were they abused or mistreated. When someone acquires a dog with definite ties to the Colby line, it is very likely that the dog will grow to show the true nature of the pitbull breed. The easy-going and companionable nature that is characteristic of this breed.