Chinese Pitbull

Some Important Facts about the Chinese Pitbull

A Chinese Pitbull is a hybrid dog produced by crossing a Chinese crested and an American Pitbull Terrier. These hybrid dogs or designer dogs are created by breeders to provide an interesting mix of features of two different breeds. 

Getting a hybrid dog is a little bit of a gamble because it is always a bit of a mystery what specific features of each parent breed will become manifested in the new puppy. A hybrid dog is not always a 50-50 representation of the two gene pools being bred. A dog that is a combination of a Chinese crested and a Pitbull will have various levels of representation of each breed. Breeders do not always have a chance to create a hybrid from two pure bred dogs and so the parents themselves will bring an amalgam of features and characteristics. So, depending on the exact mix used in a given puppy, a Chinese Pitbull can be 75 percent Chinese crested and 25 percent Pitbull or 60 percent Pitbull and 40 percent Chinese crested. So, these are breeds you can only get to know as your own particular dog grows up. However, there are some aspects of the hybrid dog that you can conjecture from what we know of the parent breeds.

A Chinese crested pitbull is an interesting mix of a small dog with a dog that has been game-bred. The Chinese crested is hairless and the Pitbull has short hair. There are some Chinese pitbull which are hairless but this may vary considerably between puppies. The temperament of the Chinese pitbull will be the hardest thing to predict but given that both the Chinese crested and American Pitbull Terrier are considered friendly, you are likely to have a pet that will socialize.

The American Pitbull Terrier is a breed that is under a bit of cloud in terms of its reputation as a fighting dog. But professional dog breeders make it a point to stress that this dog is only aggressive to other animals and not a threat to humans. However, there is little doubt about the fact that this is a physically strong and imposing dog given that it has been bred for these kinds of traits for a few generations now. The Pitbull does need plenty of physical activity and exercise and even while it adapts to being an indoor dog it will be cruel to not factor in the fact that it needs plenty of physical exercise.

The Chinese crested is a smaller breed and there is a real danger of these dogs getting a little pampered which means the dog gets confused in its relationship with humans. Experts say of the Chinese crested that it needs a firm and friendly owner who knows how to make it clear that the human is the leader of the pack. These dogs are quite physically agile and their smallness should not be mistaken for frailty.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder in many things in life and so every dog has its own appeal for varied people. It is important to note that the hairless Chinese pitbull may not be everyone’s idea of a cute puppy and it is important to register this important detail before signing on to take one of these dogs home.

Given the varied sizes of the Pitbull and the Chinese crested it is hard to predict the size of the Chinese pitbull. It is likely to be a mid-sized dog which may not need too much grooming. It is likely to need regular physical activity and there is every reason to believe that it will make a great family pet. If the dog does turn out to be hairless, the owner will need to make sure that the dog is treated with care as it is vulnerable to injuries without the hair for protection. If a family with children adopts this variation of the hybrid dog, it will be important to explain this to the children to avoid any abuse to the pet.

Owning a Chinese pitbull promises to be an interesting adventure for any true dog lover and there will be many exciting discoveries and surprises along the way!